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About Us

Southern Woodpeckers is one of the best wood chips manufactures and suppliers in Kerala.  At Southern woodpeckers, we’ve evolved from a small operation to a leading wood chip supplier in Kerala, serving diverse industries and individuals across South India and beyond. Our unwavering dedication to providing the finest wood chips is evident in every step of our journey.

Guided by the principles of integrity, sustainability, and customer satisfaction, we take pride in sourcing our wood from responsibly managed forests. Our team of experts ensures that each wood chip that leaves our facility meets the highest standards of quality, ensuring you receive a product you can trust.

From landscaping professionals seeking premium mulch to biomass energy producers looking for reliable fuel, our range of wood chip products caters to a wide array of needs. We recognize that every project is unique, and that’s why we’re committed to working closely with you to provide tailored solutions that align with your goals.

Beyond being wood chip suppliers, we are members of the local community, and we strive to contribute positively to the regions we serve. Our journey is marked by growth, innovation, and the unwavering trust of our valued customers.

Our Products

wood chips

Southern woodpeckers is a leading wood chips manufactures and suppliers in South India. Wood chips are small pieces or fragments of wood that are typically produced by mechanically chipping or shredding larger wood materials. These wood chips are used for various purposes due to their availability, versatility, and usefulness in different industries.

wood shavings

Southern woodpeckers is one of the top wood shavings manufactures and suppliers in South India. Wood shavings are thin, elongated pieces or strips of wood that are produced by shaving larger wood materials. They are commonly used for various practical purposes due to their lightweight, absorbent, and versatile nature.

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